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Sandra Gallo Gibson, CPA

Personal Financial Specialist 

Mailing Address:
PO Box 8737
Mandeville, LA 70470

P: (985) 674-9070
F: (985) 727-4388

8 Wealth Management Issues Explained

 Investment Management*:

  • Build an investment plan through Asset Allocation that considers your investment goals, comfort level, expectations, and the effect of taxes on your portfolio.
  • Monitor and maintain the portfolio, including re-balancing and reallocation.

 Cash Flow and Debt Management:

  • Identify where your cash is going each month and evaluate potential opportunities to improve through tax strategies.
  • Review debt management to ensure you have credit when you need it and assist in making wise borrowing decisions.

Family Risk Management:

  • Evaluate risk plans to deal with disability, death, or long term care needs.
  • Make suggestions that address risk management and the tax implications of these changes.

Retirement Planning*:

  • Establish a clear vision of what retirement means to you.
  • Create a plan considering the level of assets needed to fund your vision of retirement.
  • Consider income needs and potential tax implications.

Education Planning*:

  • Help you understand how your savings will affect your child's or grandchild's ability to qualify for financial aid.
  • Identify how much money you will need to send your children or grandchildren to college and how this investment fits with your overall investment plan.

Legacy Planning:

  • Ensure that what you want to happen for your family and with your money, will happen at the time of your passing.
  • Create a plan that minimizes estate taxes and maximizes the amount of money going to your family.

Business Planning:

  • Evaluate and implement strategies that not only protect your business, but take advantage of opportunities to improve cash flow, tax situations, employee benefits and the bottom line of your business.

Special Situations Planning:

  • Help you with situations such as taking care of a loved one with special needs, planning for a wedding, taking a spur-of-the moment dream vacation or deciding to buy a second home.
  • Determine a path to get you through whatever financial challenges and opportunities arise while continuing to monitor your tax situation. 

* These services are offered by Sandra Gallo Gibson through her affiliation with HD Vest Invesment Services SM and HD Vest Advisory Services SM.